Hi! I'm Abby, the author of ExactlyAbby.

I've had this blog since I was 14, when it started out as a little page that recorded lessons from my homeschool education, after been asked several questions about it. After completing my GCSEs, I went to a Sixth Form College to learn Maths, History and Art A Level. I am currently deciding where to go next and am having a gap year exploring University and Apprenticeships.

So, if you want some helpful study tips, motivation and to learn about a different approach to education, join me!

I also like to share my opinions on current matters, like the fashion industry and environmental concerns.



  1. I love your blog, and you are stunning! I always enjoy finding fellow home-school graduates, so I'm looking forward to visiting here again sometime soon :)


    1. Thank you, Tane! It's lovely to meet you, hope to see you soon!

      Abby x