If you've finished exams this year you're probably wondering what to do with all the time you have over the summer. Maybe you are thinking you still want to be productive whilst having a rest or perhaps you're thinking of things to do before you start sixth form college or move to university. Whatever it's for, I've made a list of various ideas you could use to enjoy your summer. Tell me your own ideas in the comments!

Go on a bike ride

Paint something in the style of an artist

Paint a scene outside

Go on a picnic

Visit a garden and take nice photos

Write a story or article

Learn a new skill

Put up a tent in your garden

Go on walks

Get cacti to look after

Upcycle something in your house

Read the Bible

Tidy a cupboard or wardrobe

Do some baking

Redecorate your room

Start an embroidery project

Have a deep clean

Make an item of clothing 

Go to the library and hire some books

Make some scrunchies

Clear-out your stationery collection

Print out some photos for your wall

Have you got plans this summer? Let me know all about it in the comments.

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