Studying can get a little chaotic, so it's good to tidy up sometimes and get things organised. This is a quick guide to help you organise those bits which might be laying about on your floor or desk and make things easier to manage. 

Re-organising Revision cards

If you use revision cards, keep them in a wallet (if you don't have any like in the photo, you could use a poly-pocket). Using paper clips to keep cards of the same topic together - using a post-it note to label each pile is really helpful as you can easily study several from the topic at a time.

Arranging Folders

If one of your folders is getting messy and it seems like a chaotic mess. Do this:

  • Organise your papers into the sections you want. For example, put all the papers together from one topic, say Algebraic Functions. 
  • Then separate it into categories of 'home work', 'class notes and 'own work' - a section for miscellaneous notes is also helpful. 
  • Now write those titles on post-it's and stick them at the beginning of each section. Makes it much clearer to see where everything is.

Tidying Homework

Use an A4 wallet to store homework that needs to be completed, you could also get one to store homework that is ready to be handed in, then it's in easy access in your bag.

What do you think is the best way to stay organised?

Thanks for popping by! I hope you learnt something from this post.


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