I was younger I remember having so much fun playing with my toys that I couldn't grasp the concept of growing up and not wanting to play with them again. Inevitably, I did. I would argue that a similar thing happens with Christmas. The festive season used to be awaited throughout the whole year in previous years. In fact, my family tell a story of when I was younger I was so hyped for the long-awaited December 25th that I made myself ill with excitement on Christmas eve. Yet, now I struggle to get in the festive spirit. I am sure many can agree they have similar feelings to these.

If you look back at some of my previous blog posts, you'll see how much of a keen decorator I became at Christmas. Every time December rolled around, I'd be ready to cover my room in paper snowflakes, fake snow and fairy lights, making my room into a mini Santa's grotto. However, growing up I have lost some of this enthusiasm and mainly just like to help put ornaments on the tree, forgetting all the over-the-top extravagance. Maybe this loss of this excitement is something to do with the more commercialised Christmas gets every year, making this season seem more of a chore than it should. It can be easy to get stressed about when to buy gifts and which ones to get for who or which shop to go in next if the first one didn't have what you wanted and it goes on... 

Or maybe it's to do with the fact that we have changed what Christmas is ultimately about.

Christmas seems to be such a big occasion for so many, whether that's because people are excited to see family for the first time in a while or because companies are enjoying the profit it brings in. Yet it brings a lot of things into the picture that shouldn't be there. As a Christian, I don't think that the joy of Christmas should ever be lost, simply because of the original reason we celebrate it. Most people will know the nativity story and about Baby Jesus. But they won't put this as their emphasis on celebrating Christmas. In the Bible, after talking to a tax collector named Zaccheus, a profession known to be corrupt because of the extra money they took from people, Jesus says "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke Chapter 19 verse 9 and that is what Christmas is about - celebrating the fact that Jesus Christ the Son of God came into this world to save us from Sin. See John 3 verse 16, another verse in the Bible that reminds us: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.".The joy of Christmas may have been lost over the years but there is a greater joy in Jesus that can be experienced every day.

Christmas has changed, not because the original meaning of it ever did, but because we forget what it's really all about - Jesus.

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