This article is a mixture of encouragement and advice for anyone thinking of dropping a subject or anyone who already has done so. I've filled this post with observations and thoughts about what dropping a subject can feel like, in the hope that others can relate.

I would like to remind students that not enjoying the course anymore or finding the work too difficult are all part of working towards any hard qualification such as A Levels, meaning it isn't necessarily time to quit your course every time you feel burnt out. At the same time, reminding those who do decide it is getting a bit much, that it's okay to change things.

There can be several things that point in the direction of discontinuing a particular course or subject. Absolutely dreading going to a specific lesson can be one of these. I got to a point where I dreaded going to a particular lesson because I knew what to expect - and that wasn't a good thing. I would sit in the lesson and not completely understand the course content because I was finding it difficult to focus. In this situation, it's really easy to go along with doubtful thoughts about whether you are working hard enough or not and whether this is why you're struggling. 

The workload can also make a particular subject feel difficult and this might be a reason for changing or dropping it. A Levels are famous for making students feel overloaded with work, but there is a difference between a heavy workload and too much homework to contend with. It can easily become a balance of trying to do the homework and not getting anywhere or not doing it at all and feeling awful about it. This is something that can get you down and making you feel like you should put some extra effort in, which on its own is not a bad thing; it's great to work hard on a subject you want to do well in and are passionate about. However, it can be easy to let one thing take over from everything else because it needs a bit more attention than the others.

Another issue with some subjects can be time. When a particular subject gets a bit much it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that you want to. It may also feel like this one subject is taking over from all your other subjects, and maybe even your hobbies and own time outside of school/homeschool. It's never good to let studying take over and it's good to keep a healthy balance between things inside and outside education.

Dropping a subject for some may feel like a huge relief and for others, there may be mixed feelings of confusion and doubt. Each case is unique, if you give it a lot of thought and think about the pros and cons of each outcome, then your final decision will be a good one.
Don't question your intellect based on the fact that you've had to drop a subject, it can be a difficult decision and sometimes it's for the best. But that doesn't mean you're not intelligent or capable.
The main point here is - it's okay. Others change their mind and drop subjects too. At the end of the day it's just A Levels and something else will work out, be excited for it!

Have you ever dropped a subject?

Thanks for popping by! I hope you learnt something from this post.


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