If you've recently moved to college, university, sixth form or had a change in your education, it's most likely you need to do a clear out of folders, binders, loose pieces of paper, old books, essays, revision cards ... the list goes on. These types of clearouts can mean bedrooms turn into un-organised filing rooms and the wardrobe becomes a haven for old forgotten essays. I have definitely struggled with this before and decided to write this post to give anyone in this position some help.

What to Keep

If you're going on to university (or similar) to study a subject that is similar or the same as one you've already studied, consider keeping some of the revision materials from it. Work out which topics you are likely to cover again - even if it might be in more detail or as part of a different topic this time. It might also be worth keeping resources from the topics you particularly struggled with, then if it comes up again you'll already have something to refer to and help you.

If it's work from an Art subject where you have physical items from the course, it's most likely that you'll want to hold on to it. Sketchbooks and artwork are helpful to use in portfolios, should you ever need to make one. It's also a showcase of your talent - don't forget that! 

If you're worried about not passing a subject, it might be worth keeping some of your revision resources in case you don't get the result you were hoping for and need to resit later on. It's okay to do this, so don't feel bad about it and then if you get the result you wanted nothing is lost and you can clear your revision out then.

Items such as folders can be reused for any studying you're continuing with, so holding on to those will save you having to get more.

What to Throw Away

Be ruthless and throw away anything that you won't need again. I know it's very easy to hold on to things just for the sake of it, but the reality is that you won't revisit a lot of these subjects again. If you are really struggling, go through the pile several times over, getting rid of more each time until you have a more manageable amount.

If you're really loathed to part with it, see if anyone else could have use of it, if they can, you'll know it's going into good hands. Try to recycle any paper you get rid of or donate items if possible.

How is your clear-out going? Have you already done it?

Thanks for popping by! I hope you learnt something from this post.


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