Starting sixth form can be daunting, exciting and chaotic all at the same time. It can also be a big change and things can get a bit out-of-hand, especially in the first few weeks. However, there are a few tips listed in this post to help you avoid being overwhelmed and make the workload easier to manage.

Write to-do lists

To-do lists are great, make sure once you've received your assignments for the week you put them on a to-do list. Don't make each item on the list too vague and make sure you break tasks down into manageable smaller tasks if needed so that you feel accomplished when you've completed part of it, this is especially helpful if it's a big project.

Get in a Routine

Something you will find helpful is getting into a routine of when homework is set. Usually, your teachers will set it on one day for a day in the following week. After a while, you can find a routine of when each subject's homework needs to be completed and make a schedule of when each assignment needs to be started and finished. This doesn't need to be a formal plan, but it can help to write it down to get an idea of which day is best to dedicate to each subject.

Carry a Notebook

Buy a notebook (or use one you've already got!) specifically to note down homework when you get it, what it is and when it needs to be handed in. You can also write down events to attend at school, such as careers talks and tutorial groups. Special academic planners are also available to buy for this purpose as well. Try to keep updated with it and use it when needed as it will help you stay organised.

Carry the right things

Make sure you're prepared with the right things for each day and the lessons you're having. Don't take a big hefty folder if you don't need to. I would say essentials are a good pencil case - with necessary equipment like rulers and highlighters, as required. 

Carry a wallet to keep homework that needs completing for easy access to it. 

Take one good A4 notepad of paper and one small folder to put written up notes in and transfer them into bigger folders for each subject when you get home and don't need to take it to lesson anymore.

How do you stay organised at college?

Thanks for popping by! I hope you learnt something from this post.

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