With school or sixth form coming to a close for a lot of you, it may be daunting to choose what to do next. If you've applied to university or for an apprenticeship you might be wondering whether to go ahead with it or whether to have a break from education and do something different. Here are a few reasons why a gap year might be suited to you as well as some ideas of things you could get up to if you did decide to take a break from studying.

Spend some time developing your interests

Having a gap year is a great alternative to going straight to uni (or a job) because you can take some time to invest in something you really enjoy. For me, I was given more opportunities to work on things I love such as tap dancing and playing my flute. This might be something to add to the list of other reasons to take a year out, rather than the main reason, but I definitely think it's something to consider.

Give yourself time to decide

There is nothing wrong with taking some extra time to decide what to do. Maybe you've applied to university but you're not sure if the course you decided on originally is the route you want to go down now. Perhaps you don't even know if you want to continue with education. Whatever the reason, it's perfectly okay to take a year (or more!) to work out what to do later on. 

Is university for you?

This might be a question you've had for a while. A gap year would give you more time to look into universities without the pressure of studying. Taking this time out will also help you decide whether more studying is something that you would enjoy.

You could find a job

A gap year gives you the opportunity to look for some work. This might be in the form of work experience or volunteering, both of which would be beneficial for you and help you decide whether a future career in that field would suit you, or it might be a temporary job where you can earn a bit of money before heading to the next step. Either way, it would be a good experience and something you can learn from.

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