Picking a university is a big decision. It's not easy to choose a place you'll live for 3 years or more. Due to restrictions and universities being closed, I had to choose the universities I was applying to based on a lot of research instead of visiting. I am hoping they will open up soon so I can use the location and setting to make my final decision. In the meantime, I have put together this short guide to help you decide on your choices even if you can't go in person whatever the reason is. 

 Ask Friends and Family You Know

Ask anyone you know whose been to that part of the country, whether they used to live there or know a relative that does, or perhaps they just visit for day trips. Ask for their first-hand account and opinion of the place. By asking around, you'll usually find someone who knows about that area of the country, and perhaps even someone who attended the university there as well.

Look at Locations

Something I found really helpful was researching public transport to the unis. Go on Trainline and see how long it takes to get there on the train and how much it costs. This could be the deciding factor. In some places, this is easier than others. For example, where I live the trains only go so far so you usually have to get a connection to get anywhere other than a local station. The cost can be taken into account as well; if you're hoping to go home at the weekend regularly, £60 each time could amount up to a lot of money. It's also worth looking on Google maps and seeing how long a car journey would take, so you can keep your transport options open. 

Research on their websites

The universities websites are well set up. Use them to your advantage - look at any virtual tours or videos they have published. In my experience, the videos are very helpful; showing the campus and accommodation or students explaining about university life. There is also the option of open days to attend virtually, the ones I attended were mainly live chats with current students and lectures. Utilize these as well as you can, ask any questions that come to mind and don't worry about feeling silly.

What's the deciding factor for you when choosing a university?

Thanks for popping by! I hope you learnt something from this post.


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