Motivation, or lack of, can be a stumbling block in the world of studying. It definitely helps your concentration if you feel enthusiastic about the things you are working on. In this post, I outline a few ways to motivate you and help you pick up that pencil or pen and start your assignment. This is especially helpful at the minute when things are feeling un-inspiring. If you want some more help with motivation, have a look at my 3 Steps to Enjoying Studying.

Tracking Productivity

Want a quick way to boost motivation?

Here's what to do: 

  • Find a notebook specifically for this purpose
  • Choose a time limit that you want to be productive for, I would recommend 30-60 minutes
  • After that time is up, write down everything you have achieved during that time 

This will get your mind engaged and motivate you to do something worthy of jotting down. If you're struggling to start with, try doing smaller slots such as 10 mins - this can help start the routine. Have a look at mine below:

Make It Fit You

A great way to boost motivation is making studying suit the way you work. For anyone creatively minded, research colourful and visual note-taking examples. Your notes could have certain colours to represent things, for example, use the same colour of highlighter for the same topic over all your notes. Having a bright coloured highlighter to emphasise an important point (such as an example, as seen in my revision card below) is really helpful. Use a combination of different methods, for example, writing some notes alongside watching useful videos on YouTube.

Take Breaks

It is very easy to get caught in the trap of revising without breaks. This isn't a productive use of time and I would advise scheduling in breaks to allow yourself to do something non-academic. This can be something as simple as watching TV or completing a little bit of a project in each break, such as knitting or baking. You could bake a cake earlier in the day and finish it off by icing it later or try a similar routine with painting.

Put Away All Distractions

Social media can become a huge distraction. I personally find just turning the Wifi off on my phone or turning it off altogether helpful. When you pick it up and see nothing it helps you remember to keep focused on the task you're supposed to be doing and makes you unaware of notifications you're getting. You can also get apps that limit your screen time which would be helpful.

How are you staying motivated at the minute?

Thanks for popping by! I hope you learnt something from this post.
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