If you're into films, you might know the scene at the end of Harry Potter, where everyone is celebrating because Dumbledore just cancelled the exams and Hermione is slow-clapping because she was looking forward to them. I think this echoed the mood of a few students recently.
I am not an exam lover. In fact, exams make me quite stressed, as they probably do for most people. This didn't mean I was exempt from disappointment when I heard they had been cancelled. It felt like all the effort I had put into studying was a waste of time and time put aside to study had been misspent. I appreciate that the time between studying and an exam can make considerable difference, which was probably my reason for been disappointed initially. It also seemed a shame that we are getting a grade without the satisfaction of coming out of the exam hall having finished an exam paper. I spent time moping about this exam-lacking fate I seemed to have come to. Thinking about the opportunity I thought I had wrongly missed. Does this just mean I had my priorities wrong?

Before more information was brought out, I assumed students would get their grades based on mocks or predicted grades, this would be interesting as it varies considerably compared to the real exam.  Now, it appears a lot of different things will contribute to grades, such as non-exam assessments from before.  This is positive because we won't be just assessed on a couple of hours in an exam hall but on hard work achieved overtime - something which A Levels do not do usually.  Thinking it through, the main reason I was disheartened was because usually we are assessed on our ability mainly by how well we perform in these exams, this is the one thing we are working towards when learning. Which made me realise I wasn't thinking about the progress I have made whilst studying, it can be so easy to focus on the end result instead of all the knowledge (we) students have accumulated over time.  Exams aren't always great and they can be a bad test of someone, especially if the wrong topics come up.  The best way to look at it is to think about the progress that has already been made in each subject, maybe this won't be seen in an exam or necessarily by anyone else, but it still counts.

Yes, I was upset that exams were cancelled initially. After thinking about it I have realised that it isn't such a big deal, there will be other opportunities and other things to come our way! In a way, I am excited and look forward to seeing what comes out of the interesting situation!

Were you affected by cancelled exams?

Abby x

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