Lockdown is continuing to be an interesting experience for me. It feels much like when I was home-educated, and seems like a lot of people are getting a taste of studying at home. My routine has definitely changed because of the lack of lessons and the cancellation of exams means my revision plans have flown out of the window.
Because of my previous home-schooling experience, having to complete studies at home doesn't seem all that unfamiliar. I recorded some things I got up to in one day in quarantine, so you can see how sixth form is working for me even though I'm not there. I also wanted a little record of my time during lock-down so I can look back at it in years to come. 


First thing I did after getting up was a 20 minute Pamela Reif workout from YouTube. These workouts are so fantastic, at first you feel as though your muscles might explode and this was only beginner but I collapsed after basically every step. However, after a few days of these you feel like a super human.I would really recommend these if you're in quarantine right now, they always make me feel so happy and accomplished.

 After my workout, I had a nice shower, using this lovely Body Shop Shea Shower Cream which smells so good, this made me feel lovely and fresh after my workout.

After this shower, I got dressed and put my makeup on. I have decided to keep dressing as I normally would during lock-down, just because it makes me feel more motivated and helps me feel more like normal, so I wore this black t-shirt with my favourite camo jeans.


After my shower I had breakfast, which was a pikelet layered in butter on this particular day. This could be one of my favourite things to eat for breakfast, and is such a treat for me! It might seem a little unusual to some of you out there, I'm not sure how many people actually eat these!
Shea butter shower cream

After this lovely start to the day, I decided to do some studying. At this point I wasn't sure what was happening in reference to grades so I was just continuing with my work as usual, so I decided to study and spent some time planning an essay and writing it. I really enjoy studying at home because I did it for so long before reaching college. I find that I can be more productive this way, in my own little environment. In this sense not a lot has changed for my studying routine, apart from not having lessons to go to. I am just struggling with a bit of motivation as exams were cancelled (post coming soon on my thoughts on it!).
Bible Study
I also decided to do a bit of Bible study. Having lockdown has meant I have more time for God and studying the Bible which has been a blessing. 

from the BibleApp


It was really warm and sunny so I went for a lovely walk with my family. I have been trying to have a walk everyday because going outside in the fresh air makes me feel refreshed. I find that sitting at a desk doing my work for so long can get a little monotonous and my concentration wonders so going for a walk helps me when I sit back down again to study to get back in focus mode. I am trying to have breaks in between each study session, but I can so easily get distracted and an hour break turns into a whole afternoon!

After this I came home, I watched some TV and had a relax with my family.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day in quarantine, what are you getting up to?
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  1. This makes me miss A-Levels so much! I did A-Levels for only a year until I moved to the States! That's interesting that you were homeschooled - do you have any tips and advice in staying motivated to study? That's something I've been struggling with in this quarantine and need to work on since I'm graduating this semester 😅

    nicole |

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! I have written some posts before about productivity, I am planning on writing more as well! Abby.