Maths is a difficult subject - containing topics that can be hard to understand and several formulas to commit to memory.  Here I have compiled a few websites that will help you outside of your textbook to grasp a good understanding of this tricky A Level. These sites would also be helpful for any GCSE students. 


This website (which also comes as an app) will draw a graph of any function you put into the website, helping you picture the shape and find coordinates. You can also have multiple graphs visible at once (in different colours) which is great for visualising reflections and intersection points. Since a lot of A-Level Maths depends on sketching graphs, I would definitely recommend Desmos.

Find it here: Desmos

Maths is Fun

With a simple layout and easy-to-understand explanations, Maths is Fun is great for those moments when you don't understand certain concepts in Maths. This website easily explains theories and how to solve even complex problems, ranging from algebra to statistics.

Find it here: Maths Is Fun


Mathway will solve any problem you type into its calculator. It's great to help when you're questioning if you got the answers to a problem right or you need to prove something. It's very easy to use and lets you choose several different options for how it can answer your question, such as drawing graphs or solving for x. It comes in an app version as well, where you can take a picture of the problem you want to figure out and it will help you solve it.

Find it here: Mathway

What's your favourite maths resource?

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