I've being back at college for around 2 weeks now, before this I was enjoying my nice summer holiday. Before I finished for my summer in July, I was given the opportunity to experience what working life is like, through the work experience programme at my sixth form college. This was a perfect opportunity for students to get immersed in the world of working. The only problem? I hadn't got a clue what to pick.

After looking at various things I might be interested in, such conservation and building surveying. I finally found something I wanted to learn more about, Architecture. This is a profession I have being interested in for a while but never seriously researched it, so why not now?

With my tutor's help I was able to find the perfect local practice to go to experience the world of architecture and I was invited for an interview to meet some of the employees and talk to them about my interest in the subject before I made my final decision.

This was definitely the right place to go and gave me a great start into looking at careers. The first day I was a bit nervous and unsure what to expect, everyone had their own tasks to be getting on with and I felt like I was somewhat in the way. However, by the second day I was more confident and happy to get on with the project they set me.

I was given the chance to design my own extension for a building, through both digital and hand-drawing. They also gave me inspiration as to what aesthetic I wanted for my building project and how to use this in a practical way. At the end of the week, I was giving a portfolio with all my ideas and drawings in it.

Reasons I would recommend it

  • This experience really gave me an insight into the working life as I was able to observe how everyone at the practice worked together and got their projects done, what times they left and arrived. My favourite part was probably getting an hour's break for lunch.

  • Work experience can tell you if this is a career you would be happy doing later on in life. It may be a case of 'I never want to experience this again' or 'I really enjoyed this and want to research this further.' It's worth giving up a week to find this out for sure. 

  • Don't be afraid to try something that you want to. I wasn't exactly sure whether I wanted to pursue architecture for sure but I decided to try it because it was an opportunity to see whether this pathway was for me.

  • With the right employers you should feel comfortable and learn things in no time.

  • It gives you the real idea of what businesses work like. On the outside you may think architects just sit and draw pretty pictures of building. However, immersing yourself in their environment tells you that there are several parts of the business such as the accounting and third-parties involved.

Have you done work experience? Tell me about it in the comment section.

Abby x

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