In our society it may seem hard to find an ethical way to shop. However, with the fast-fashion industry as it is we need to think about our spending habits in retail shops more than ever. From shopping in charity shops to make-do-and-mending, there are plenty of alternative options that don't cost our planet.

Charity Shops

It's becoming more and more popular to go 'thrift shopping' these days and I agree that charity shops do have good clothes inside if you just give them a shot. I have managed to get some great buys from local charity shops, it's just a matter of looking through the racks.

Second-Hand Online

Aside from charity shops there are also great vintage and second-hand shops online. ASOS market place is full of vintage and independent sellers. Depop is my current favourite app to go on. It's a brilliant market place full of second hand clothes that people don't want anymore. People sell new and vintage clothes from all brands for brilliant prices.


Have a look at the current clothes you've got and see what improvements you can make on them. I've been watching a few YouTube channels recently with really inspiring diys you can do with old clothes, either from your wardrobe or the charity shop. It's always worth researching this before throwing anything you're unsure about wearing away.

Clothes Swaps

I've heard people mention clothes swapping with friends or at school - I think this is a great idea.
See if your friends would agree to having some clothes swaps so you can have a little switch around in your wardrobe.

Buy Less

To be completely truthful: the best way to shop more ethically is to simply not buy as much and be content with what you have. Work with the items of clothing which you already have, this is a good challenge!

How do you shop more ethically?

Abby x

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  1. I'm trying to keep an eye out for more finds in charity shops! My friend can always find a good, fashionable outfit but I can't!

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. Sometimes it's definitely harder than others!

      Abby x