I wouldn't be surprised if you told me studying wasn't your favourite thing to do at the weekend. However, I actually really enjoy studying. Yes, it may be a struggle - but that doesn't mean you can't make it enjoyable. With my current studies for A-Levels and a few years experience of finding motivation with homeschool, I've come up with a few ideas that will help if your struggling with getting the incentive to study.

Looking at Creative Inspiration

My favourite way of studying is to be creative with flashcards and worksheets, over time I've found this to be the best way of retaining information whilst enjoying the learning experience. To start with this I suggest having a look on the website, Pinterest. There are lots of  pins on there of lovely illustrated flashcards and notes, as well as tips on how to study more productively. All you need to do is create an account, or log in if you already have one, start a 'study' board and start pinning, key words like 'study' and 'flashcards' etc. are the best. Make sure you don't spend too much time on there procrastinating, though!

Study Space

Although I appreciate this may not be possible for everyone, having a nice work area is a nice way to get in the zone and start studying more efficiently whilst not boring yourself. Even if you don't have a lot of room you can still hang a few ornaments and pictures just to add that little extra touch.

Quizzes and games.

Studying can easily be made enjoyable by playing games. There are plenty of places on the internet to find quizzes on the topic you're studying, whether it be History or Maths. If you don't want to use the internet you can make games with flashcards, such as pairs.

Math is fun and Quizlet are great websites for quizzes.


If one thing makes me motivated to study, it's my collection of stationery. As I said, I love making my notes pretty - using nice writing and colours helps with my concentration Go decorate all your notes and ace those grades. My favourite brands for this are Staedeler, Stabilo and Papermate.

Find what suits you

These are just suggestions after all. Everyone works in different ways, go out there and find what works for you. Let me know what you find!

Have you tried any of these tips yourself?

Abby x

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  1. These are great tips! I'm afraid i fall in the category of disliking studying.. It may be because I'm bad at it, haha.