In this post I have decided to write about my experience of going to sixth form a year later than most people, I had inspiration to write this after looking at the most commonly searched things about sixth form college, one of which was 'can I start sixth form at 17?'.
I started college at 17 after I decided to have a 'gap' year at home. I wanted to be certain about going to sixth form college after being homeschooled and I was unsure which subjects to take. There are no regrets that I didn't go earlier, in fact I'm pleased I waited because it definitely feels like the right decision now.

Something I took for granted when starting sixth form was the fact that I thought everyone in year 12, aside from me, would be aged 16 and just come from their GCSEs in year 11. Let me tell you, I was wrong! I have met plenty of people who are older than 16 and others who are over 18. Various people have taken different routes, such as attending a different college before deciding to settle at the sixth form I go to or retaking subjects because they chose to. It's actually really nice to have such a range of ages and people in one place.

One of my persistent thoughts of college was all my peers commenting on my age, but as it turns out, most people just assume you're 16 anyway, so it's not a problem. Even if they do inquire the conversation doesn't normally last long before we're on to another topic.

If you're curious about starting college or University a year behind - don't worry about it! It's honestly not as daunting as it seems and it's quite nice to have mature outlook on the situation.

Abby x

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