University is a scary, far-off place for me. I think of it as an almost dream-like land, a place in the distant I'll never actually reach.

Getting older and attending college has made me realise the true reality of Uni and to be honest, it doesn't seem very far away. Uni never really appealed to me; the thought of going far away from home and cooking for yourself whilst living in a small room, seems very lonely and cold. Now, other factors have come into play such as; subjects and finance.

Attending college has taught me that if you do A levels you are pretty much expected to go to university. Coming from homeschool this was almost like a culture shock for me. Whilst all my friends sit there looking at UCAS for a course to study, I just can't help but ponder about the more revelant things I could go onto. Many people do just want to go to university because it's a thing to do after college. I feel like it's sometimes forgotten that there are other ways into higher education and progression with studies than uni. I would only like to go to uni if I really have to for the career I'm pursuing (whatever that may be). I would definitely only go if I knew I was going to enjoy it, especially since the tuition fees are so expensive. I just don't feel like jumping on the university band-wagon, just because it's what society seems to do these days.

When I think about the fact that some people in desolate countries don't even have the opportunity to go to university, I start to think again and wonder whether I am too dismissive of the whole idea all together. The fact is, I think sometimes I'm so adamant that I won't go to university simply because I'm 'supposed' to, that I forget to actually check what is on offer for me. There are some very interesting courses to study out there and one might just take my fancy. So I have begun to allow the idea back into my prospective thoughts and have being thinking about which degrees I would choose to study if I did go.

Don't get me wrong, I think university is a great place for people to go, use their skills and learn. I just agree it's not for everyone and used this post to express my personal ideas on the subject.

What are your thoughts about Uni?

Thanks for reading, 

Abby x

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  1. Coming from a council estate and a family of people who never went to college, let alone to uni I always felt like university wasn't for me. Almost like I wouldn't belong there, which sounds so strange when I think about it now. I almost talked myself out of it, if I'm honest. I love how open you are in this and even though I chose to go myself, I don't think everyone should go. Especially if it's not something they don't want to do deep in their heart.I live at home still and I found it so overwhelming starting so I can't even begin to imagine how people who move away cope. I don't think it should be something people feel like they have to do because it's just not everyone's cup of tea. I really liked reading your take on this subject.

    University or no university, I wish you the best for your futuređź’–.
    Katie x

    1. Thank you so much for your commenting! It's interesting to see where different people are coming from, all the best.

      Abby x