As I explained in my post, What I Am Up To Next. Instead of going to sixth form last year - when I was 16 - I decided to stay at home and have a year out.

I've done all my studies and exams at home up to now. But I have chosen to go to sixth form for A levels a year later. I have had a really interesting progression from home study to studying at sixth form.

College is completely new territory for me. It's hard to get my head around some things, such as arriving on time, making sure you take certain things and remembering to hand homework in. Although it may be an unfamiliar concept for me, I am feeling very excited!

I did have apprehensions about what courses the Sixth Form Colleges would allow me to take. Although some colleges suggested I re-take my GCSEs (even though I had the results to continue with further study). I had no need to worry as the colleges seemed rather impressed with my background in home education, seeing I had better grounding for independent study than other candidates.

It took me many hours of deliberating to finally decide on subjects. I knew I wanted to do A Levels. But, there are many choices, I simply couldn't decide. Should I do history or classical civilisation, art or graphical communication? Home study has obviously spoilt me because I love dipping into different subjects as I please. When it came to choosing 4 A Levels, I was stumped. Eventually, with careful consideration, I narrowed it down to Physics, Maths, Art and History.

Yes, choosing subjects was tough but choosing a college was perhaps even harder. There are several colleges near to my location and they each have different advantages. Some bigger, some smaller, some with more subjects on offer. To help me decided which college to choose, I went for an introduction day at one of my choices.

I was really enthusiastic about the thought of an introduction day. I couldn't stop thinking about the lessons I was going to do or the people I was going to meet. What better way to get a flavour for college, than to go for a day? When I first arrived I was definitely the closest to a fish out of water that I've ever been. It was very clear to see that all the other candidates had come in a group or with a friend. As more and more people rolled off the provided buses, I concluded that several students had come from the same schools. To be honest with myself, I had anticipated as much and didn't let it affect me. Once I sat down and started talking to people, things perked up. It was really interesting to find out where they had come from and what they were going to study. Students had come from all sorts of backgrounds, reminding me I wasn't the odd-one-out.

The lessons were really interesting and I got to have a laugh with several people throughout the day. As the day progressed I started to recognise people I'd seen earlier in the day. Teachers set us tasks such as drawing with our wrong hand (for art), measuring the height of a bouncing ball (physics) and working out which graphs belong with which equations (maths). The atmosphere was really lovely and I definitely got an insight into college life. Even if I did get stuck to my chair several times in the heat.

Thanks for Reading.

Abby x

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  1. I'm so proud and happy for you dear. Go for that goal!

  2. Whatever it is that your hearts desire, go for it!

  3. Great share! Looking forward for more of your upcoming post.

  4. I've just stumbled across your blog after following you on Instagram for a while. I hope everything is going well for you at sixth form! I couldn't comprehend how daunting it must have been to enter the 'mainstream' education system this year. It really isn't as bad as it seems. Sixth form is where I've made some of my best memories, so I hope you have the opportunity to do so as well.

    Alex ♡ ||