It's been a whole year since I sat my GCSEs. Contemplating this fact the other day, I remembered how much I enjoyed myself whilst sitting in the new environment of an exam hall. I was reading my friend Sophie's post, 'Our Little Secret'  the other day and it reminded me of the ideas I had whilst I sat in that exam hall. So to commemorate the occasion I have decided to write down a fun out-line of my thought process whilst doing my exams. Most of these are true (okay, maybe exaggerated a bit... a lot) and reflect (some of) my genuine thoughts during examination time. Enjoy.

"Help me, help me. How did I even get here?"

"These questions aren't that bad!"


"I've only gone and dropped my pencil."

"Should I pick it up?"

"Isn't that worthy of disqualification?"

"Okay, I've got it. I'll cough whilst bending over, swiftly pick up the pencil and no one will notice."

"That will definitely make it more obvious..."

"I'll just have to go on without it."

"Goodbye, HB. You were a valued companion."

"I can hear people turning to the next question. Am I behind?"

"Perhaps all the other students are silently judging me."

"If I do a big loud page turn, everyone will know I am not behind."

"I can see that girl's bright pink socks from here."

"WOW! That invigilator has funky Hawaiian shirt on. It's a bit like a puzzle - find the bright blue parrots inbetween the questionable pictures of monkey's swinging on bright orange palm trees, surrounded by elephants wearing pink dresses and ... OH MY GOODNESS, is that a kangaroo on a motorcycle?"

"Maybe I should get one of those shirts for my Dad."

"Where do you even get those shirts?"

"Is there a special shop for those?"

"I wonder what's for lunch. Cheese sounds good right now..."

"Just read the questions."

"Mozzarella sticks..."

"Ooh... Nope, mustn't get distracted..."

"Goo-ey, melt-in-the-mouth with taste tantalizing seasoned breadcrumbs, in a delicious sweet and tangy sauce."


"Actually, that was pretty good description, I should write advertisements for KFC."

"Goodness me, that pupil has a uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley."

"Remember what Mum said: 'apply yourself'."

"I am, I am."

"Did I even learn this topic?"

"I have an un-resistible urge to stand up and shout some thing random."

"What is that strange noise outside?"

"Sounds like a space ship."

"Perhaps the aliens from planet zorg have come to kidnap someone."

"Well, it's either pink socks, Elvis or the tropical invigilator, I mean, he's just asking for it isn't he?"

"Maybe the pattern of his shirt is some kind of mystic, extra-terrestrial code."

"It's definitely extra, I'll give you that."

"Well, whatever they're up to, they could have chosen some better timing."

"Can't you see I'm trying to get an education?"

"Honestly, just my luck that E.T will turn up with Dobby the elf during my exam, asking me to save the galaxy."

"Why is one burdened with such vivid imagination?"

"I'm thirsty."

"What are they even doing up the front there at those desks?"

"Oh no, an invigilator is coming past, better look busy."

"I'll scribble with my pen really loudly."

"Now they're looking at me suspiciously because I was scribbling so loudly."

"What if they think I'm cheating..."

"Does my face look like the face of a cheater?!"

"Just put your head down and no one will suspect anything."

"Is it E=Mc^2 or M=E+c^2..."

"Is that student over there finished, already?"

"Remember what Mum said: 'apply yourself'."

"I am, I am."


"I'm sure I can hear a life-size mozzarella stick calling my name."

"Ah, times up. Time to un-stick myself from this chair."

Thanks for Reading.

Abby x

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  1. This is so relatable!😂

  2. Haha! I just did my GCSEs this summer and I can fully vouch that in those exams like chemistry and physics where I didn’t have a clue what was going on, this was EXACTLY what was going through my head!

  3. Funny post!:) I can definitely relate to some of those thoughts during exam time, hahaha.

  4. Love this, totally me aswell and so relatable! Xxx