Instagram is a very popular app in today's society. It's a great place for people to share their photos and interact with others. As a blogger, sharing photos through this app helps me maintain a good audience for my blog and other social medias. I am often asked how I edit my photos and manage to keep my Instagram profile tidy. The simple answer is, themes. Themes are what you call a group of photos that have some thing in common, like filters, and are a long-running internet trend. So, here are a few tips from my experience, on how to achieve your ideal Instagram Feed.

Know the Theme You Want

Before you do anything else; choose your type of theme. It's good to have an idea of what you're aiming for so you can stick to it in the long run. Themes can range from each picture sharing the same colour, to simply using the same filter each time. It's important to know whether you're going for a relaxed one (photos follow some correlation of either filter or colours, but not too restrictive), or a tidy theme (the photos are all exactly corresponding and precise in colour and lighting), this is very helpful when taking pictures and editing them.

Examples of a relaxed theme, my current theme @exactlyabby (left) 
and a tidy theme, @oneuniqueblog 's current feed (right)

Research Filters

Go on the internet and have a search around for which filters and effects give you the look you desire. Some good searches are 'VSCO Themes', 'Tumblr Insta Theme' or 'Afterlight Themes', depending on which app you're using (see next further down). If you've chosen a relaxed theme, use a filter that will look good with a variety of images and colours.

What Photos are You Posting?

Try and centre your theme around the types of photos you'll be posting, I like to post pictures of people as well as flat lays and landscape photography. Therefore, a filter that doesn't distort colours or skin tone is ideal. Think about whether you want to promote products or photography, or just general pictures. Centring your theme around seasons also works, e.g. bright in summer, softer in spring.

I went for a very bright feed in summer and I loved how it turned out.

 Use an App to Create Your Look

Choose an app to use which you are happy with and feels easy for you to use. I, personally, love to use VSCO. This app helps you make your photographs look professional and edgy, without lots of effort. Once you have mastered it, you can create amazing clean, white themes or grungy, chic girl looks. If you search for VSCO themes on Google Images it will often tell you what filters and how much exposure, constrast etc. you will need to use for a certain editing style. I would also recommend Adobe Photoshop Express and have heard good reviews on Afterlight as well. Remember you don't always have to use the same app or filters to create your feed.

Choose Photos Carefully

I would strongly advise using your own photos; it's unique content that your audience will keep coming back for. When you're taking photos, keep in mind the lighting and colours. There is nothing worse than going on a photography trip and coming back to find that none of your photos are going to fit with your theme. Spontaneous finds often work in your favour; sometimes I'm in a shop and I see a row of pink and purple pens and I think - "those colours would look so good with my current feed aesthetic" so I whip out my phone for a picture.
Beware that sometimes, no matter how much you love a photo, it just can't make the cut. Save it for another time or post it on a different social media.

A quote against a white background can help tidy your theme

Try a Few Things Out

Although contradictory to what I just said, sometimes I am so busy trying to maintain a fabulous theme that I've got a gallery full of photos not being appreciated. You'll find that some photos that you thought would work don't, whilst the odd ones out will. That sunset picture you thought would look brilliant may turn out to be too vibrant or orange and the accidental picture you took of your dog last week, slots in like a jigsaw piece. If you're not sure you can always post it on Instagram and if it doesn't fit, just delete it.

Mix Up Your Style

Don't always tie yourself down with filters. Using the same filter for each picture is not mandatory and it can work to your advantage if you use a different one now and again. For example, when I was editing this picture (above) I took in summer, I accidentally pressed the wrong filter on the app, but I loved how it looked that way so I ended up posting it anyway and it worked well with my other photos.


Might seem unusual but I think captions can always help with your feed. Try to write captions that are in keeping with your photos, it creates a really nice finishing touch.


Thanks for Reading.

Abby x

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  1. Loved this post! Love your feed aswell and all these tips are fab Abby! Xx

  2. To be fair, your Instagram is absoloute aesthetic goals! I abandoned my theme, but I think I'm going to try and get it back xox

  3. Your Instagram is so goals at the moment, so these are obviously working!! I'm going to start a new theme in Spring so I'll definitely be coming back to this post.

    Lexie x

    1. Thank you very much, Lexie. Glad it was helpful for you.

      Abby x

  4. Your Instagram theme is just goals like!

  5. Lovely post, Abby! i love your Instagram. Thank you for using my Insta too xx

    Sophie xx // One Unique