I've been a vegetarian for roughly 8 years. I started off small; my family were part vegetarian for most of my childhood, eating little bits of meat now and again (mainly ham and bacon) and when at other people's houses. After a few years my sister and I decided to take the final step and to this day I do not eat meat, fish or even gelatine in sweets.

Being a vegetarian doesn't mean you have a blissful life full of stroking friendly cows and chewing on a bit of nice ol' greenery. In my experience, in almost 10 years, being a vegetarian can be a little stressful at times. Vegetarianism is a touchy subject and I have got a lot of funny stories and awkward situations to talk about, how about that one time someone asked if the word 'chicken' was offensive to me?
Although it's not always funny; people can be rude at times and sadly, banter can often turn to a mocking situation, I do have many an amusing tale to tell. Jolly times around the campfire or BBQ can turn to a dreadful gathering of over-inquiring meat eaters when you're a veggie! Frequent remarks, which include, "Oooh look, it's Abby with her fake burger!" and "is it nice?", are often exasperating. After all these years I have learnt to ignore these comments, but nevertheless, sometimes it can still be annoying or intrusive.
The fact of the matter is, I don't go round waving a lettuce leaf in everyone's face in the hope of a conversion from their carnivorous ways.
I will happily talk about vegetarianism if anyone shows an interest, but will never shove  it in their face if they don't! It can be amusing sometimes when my friends try to justify to me why they eat meat, even when I don't say anything. Once, someone said to me that they understood my choice but they ate meat because they didn't want it to go to waste, I wasn't really sure to how to answer this so I just went silent. Let's not forget the countless times around camp dinner tables when people have shoved a piece of meat on my plate insisting that I really would enjoy it.
"Come on you want a bit, don't you?" Well, no actually, that's why I ordered the alternative option of refreshing vegetables...
Should I even approach the subject of bacon? Bacon is definitely in a whole category of it's own.
And to solve the popular myth that all vegetarians are secretly longing for that one streak of juicy bacon - we aren't!

What food lifestyle do you follow?

Abby x

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  1. I’m sorry people joke about it. It seems an odd thing for people to throw jokes around about. In the end, it really doesn’t matter what other people think, though. <3

    I’m not sure if this counts for a “lifestyle,” but I’m trying to eat smaller portions and healthier foods. It’s one of my resolutions, haha...we’ll see how far it goes!
    ~ riley aline

  2. Loved this post. It’s so annoying that people are like that. It’s your decision and there is nothing from with being vegetarian. My cousin is and my auntie is, my other Auntie used to be aswell! Xx

  3. I understand the issues and responses of being vegetarian (to an extent). For the past two years, I have gone vegan for Lent, which is kind of difficult at school, as you are subjecting yourself to so much unwarranted criticism. Good on you for keeping at it though. I am working on having less meat nowadays though, because I know how bad it is for the environment.

    Rachel | creativityandcrazy.blogpsot.com

  4. I myself eat meat, but I respect your decision to not so much! I always try to go at least Vegetarian every year of lent and advent but I’m never able to keep it up! Great post x