WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME | collaboration with Words With El

This post is in collaboration with a good friend of mine, El. I know El from a bloggers group we are in, she has a lovely way of writing and expressing her thoughts in a way which captures her audience. El's view on Christmas is quite different from mine so we decided to collab and write about our, perhaps, contrasting thoughts on this matter. You can read El's post here.

No doubt if you watch any Christmas movie, especially one from the USA, there will be the same message given out. After many festive songs, images of blurry golden lights and some poor protagonist child being whirled through a dangerous adventure with Santa Claus, somehow not being scarred for life, we are brought to the warm, pleasant end of the movie; the camera pans to the mentor figure (who has being present throughout the film, providing guardianship and a friend to the lead character) telling the child the true meaning of Christmas; that family is the most important thing and we should cherish it always. This is a very common message throughout the Christmas season and although I believe it has some meaning, I think it has steered us away from the importance of the celebration. 
Christmas has always being quite an important celebration for my family, but not in the way it is to most people. We don't do hoards of preparation in advance, we don't invite loads of people over and we certainly don't go overboard on the Christmas dinner. A few days before the big day we hurry round checking that we have the necessities for a great day and then it's just a time with the five of us together, exchanging the gifts we've lovingly thought-out and generally having fun with some nibbles and perhaps a new board game. 
It's important to us for one reason; Christmas is when our saviour, Jesus, was born. 
As a Christian family, it's great to be able to recognise the brilliant time when Christ came to save us. 
On Christmas one of my favourite things is definitely going to church in the morning and coming out filled with joy from the carols we've being singing, the people I've being talking to and the love I've being feeling from God and his people.
For me, the nativity story isn't just sweet, little children prancing on the stage with a tea-towel tied to their head; it's a reality. Every day of the year, not just December, is a day when I think about Christmas and the wonderful gift of eternal life God sent in Jesus, his son.

If anyone would like to talk to me about my faith, Christianity or have any more depth on this subject, feel free to get in touch with me via my email: exactlyabby@hotmail.com or any of my social medias.

What is Christmas to you? Comment down below.

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  1. Thank you for this post! As a non-religious/non-festive person the 'meaning' of Christmas (and my non-merriness) has been central to this years #Blogmas (that is, before I got ill and thought 'sod it' and just gave up on the whole thing... maybe I'll come back to it after this cough has gone... *coughs while looking really sad* ANYWAY). That's also why I interviewed a blogger-friend about Hanukkah (#ShamelessSelfPromotion: https://fashionedbypluche.blogspot.com/2017/12/happy-hanukkah.html) as it is a religious celebration happening within the month of Christmas which gains arguably all of the attention in the -as you described above- Christmas movie kind of way while Hanukkah and, say 'religious Christmas' have faded away to the background. I just find it very interesting how all these kinds of dufferent people experience this last month of the year... Unfortunately I'm still not feeling merry *coughs again, still looking really sad* ;)



    1. Glad you enjoyed reading my post and decided to leave a thoughtful comment. Hope you get well soon.

      Abby x

  2. Amen! Christmas is all about the coming of King Jesus as the Savior of the world. Christmas to me is a time of humbling and reverence; its a moment to truly contemplate the orchestration of events that occurred to bring about the birth of Jesus, which changed the course of human existence forever.
    Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. If you get a chance, I'd appreciate it if you could visit my blog belivy.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you Livvy for your lovely comment. I completely agree with you.

      Abby x

  3. It’s so good to see the comparison between you and Els Christmas meanings! Mine is a bit more Church based like yours,, both amazing posts! X

  4. I loved to read what you get from Christmas! I'm part of a none religious family (as you read) so mine was so different but I found it so great to have a peek into your life and how you see everything. I hope yo have a great Christmas xox