I talk about Autumn a lot on my blog for one simple reason; I love it. In my opinion there's not much to not like. One of my favourite things about this season has to be the fashion. I adore the time of year when jumpers and sweatshirts come out of the wardrobe and outfits generally become cosier. In this post I am going to share some clothes I have been wearing throughout the season.
I think they vary quite a lot but each one definitely shows my sense of fashion. Part of this post is influenced by my lovely friend, Sophie over at OneUnique, she also wrote a post on her blog about autumn fashion and another on how she was inspired by buying from the men's section. I hope this post inspires you and shows something of my fashion sense.


My first autumn outfit is a very new combination. I have looked longingly at embroidered jeans in the shops for a while but never purchased any, so when I found these lovelies in the New Look sale recently, my Mum very kindly, got them for me. They only cost £12 which is a great bargain as they were around £30 full price. I have paired these jeans with an old jumper of my Dad's. I had almost forgotten about this sweater until I read Sophie's (OneUnique Blog) blog post about wearing men's clothes. So, when I found it in the cupboard the other day I tried it on and immediately fell in love with it again. This jumper only became mine because it was accidentally put in the wrong wash one day and consequently became many sizes too small for my Dad; it's even a little small for me! Because it is wool, when it got shrunk, the fibres matted together and it became even more cosy, which is brilliant for a cold autumn day. The grey speckled pattern looks great with many different clothing items. What I really love about this outfit is the red belt that I have paired it with. This belt used to be my Mum's, she found it the other week and suggested I would like to wear it. I really like it and think it looks great with the mom jeans, especially as the waist is a little large for me. My shoes in these photos aren't the most attractive but I was out for a country walk so wellies were the best option! I would ideally wear this outfit with my Hotter shawbury boots as you can see in the photo below (I met a new friend as you can see!), you can read about these here.


My second outfit is also a very new addition to my wardrobe. I picked up these trousers in an Oxfam charity shop for £4, they felt almost brand new and I could tell they had originally come from New Look, so they are nice quality (also, did you know you can buy clothes from Oxfam online?). 
I really like how quirky they are and so much more colourful than your average pair of skinny jeans. To make this outfit up, I wore my Deja Vu top that I purchased from Topshop recently, this top had ended up in the sale rack but was actually full price; I loved it so much that I bought it anyway. Something I particularly like about this top is that it's made in the UK, which I really appreciate as we see so many of our clothes made in far away countries, in bad working conditions. I tied a knot in the front of this t-shirt but tucking it in would work just as well if it was colder. My accessory for this outfit is this cute little bobble hat which I also got from a charity shop. However, this hat was in the brand new section of Scope so it isn't second hand. For only £5 this was a great find as I really wanted one with a bobble on like this. You can see in this photo but I chose to wear my Puma trainers with this attire.


One of my more girly autumn outfits, this pairing makes me fell very lady-like but casual at the same time. I got this plain burgundy turtle neck for my last birthday and it has been loved and worn throughout spring and autumn. It's from the teen range, 915, in New Look, where I often look for a nice piece in case something is a nice fit. I have talked many a time about this wonderful skirt I'm wearing on my blog; this used to be my sister's when they were a lot younger than I am now and it is actually age 9-10, originally from Benetton. I love skirts this style and I think you would agree they are very versatile. Instead of wearing plain old black tights I decided to wear some grey cable knit tights, not only are they a lot warmer than general tights, they also look a lot more exciting and stylish. Completed with my Hotter Shawbury boots, this outfit is one of my favourites this autumn.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to comment below if you enjoyed this post!

Abby x


  1. You look gorgeous on these Abby! I loved seeing what you’ve been loving. We have such a similar style sense �� I’m glad that you found my post inspiring x

    Sophie xx //

  2. You're so pretty Abby! Also, I love your embroidered jeans; I have some from New Look too and they're amazing! xox

  3. Outfit #2 is my favorite! Loving the jean skirt! I have one as well and love styling it