Strolling through the woods while crunchy leaves lay at your feet and cold, chilly mist travels around you is a brilliant feeling. On these autumn adventures keeping feet nice and cosy with some stylish footwear is key to having the best time.

I've never been a massive fan of boots, especially not the big chunky ones. None of the ones in the high street stores used to really take my fancy, although I'm warming to more styles now. When I found these Shawbury boots in Hotter, I knew they were perfect for me! The moment I tried them on in the shop my feet were swept away by the amazing comfort they boast. This was almost 3 years ago and in all that time they have proved to be a very worthy and versatile companion; you can definitely see the wear on my beloved boots now. I have worn them so much that the elastic has started to wear a considerable amount and crinkled up, which I would agree does not look the most attractive. However as I said, I have owned these boots for an awfully long time and things like this become inevitable with age.

I love the style of these shoes; they very much mimic a Chelsea boot, a classic autumn footwear staple. Boots in this style have been fashionable for a number of years and I can see why; they look great with a choice of outfits, classic and casual. I love to pair them with lots of different combinations, including denim skirts and tights. 
For this look I have worn a classic Fat Face hoodie, casual khaki jacket and a plaid scarf from New Look. To complete the image I wore some long grey socks I purchased from Accessorize in the sale last year. 

Hotter as a company are a wonderful upcoming brand in the world of shoes, they stock many good-quality shoes and have been releasing some lovely fashionable designs recently. My family have bought from them for many years as they mainly make the majority of their shoes in the UK which, if you read my blog often, will know is something I really appreciate.

 As my lovely boots were becoming so worn I decided to get a new pair. They don't stock the original Shawbury style I have on in these pictures but they have made a new boot called County which is almost an exact replica, with even better features, so I ordered those instead. When they came I was extremely happy with their look and fit, the sole is much thicker and the boots overall look better quality. I chose to get them in tan which is lighter than my original boots, they were a more brown colour, I'm definitely not disappointed. 
You might be seeing a post on them in the future. 
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What's your favourite autumn accessory?

Abby x


  1. Ooh I love them! I've been looking at boots very similar to these in shops recently, they just go with everything! xx

  2. I love these boots! They're the perfect color!

  3. Gorgeous boots! Loved this post x

  4. They're beautiful boots: everything gets better with age! My favourite Autumn accessory is a massive checked scarf that I got from New Look two years ago. It's basically a blanket! xox

    1. I agree! I have one just like that, it might even be the same as I know a few people bought it!

      Abby x

  5. These boots are lovely! I'm a big fan of the Chelsea boots this autumn too. Can't beat a nice warm jumper though.

    Sophie xx // One Unique