As someone once said "Art speaks where words are unable to explain.". A statement I'm sure many of us can agree with. Something I really admire about art is that everyone can take something away from it, whether it be a memory you carry with you for the rest of your life or just a smile when you walk out of a gallery. I could look at art for hours, slowly tracing the careful strokes of paint with my eyes and exploring how the bigger picture has been created.

If you're new to my blog; this school year I am creating design portfolios, one of them being art.  I was lacking inspiration for these projects and so decided to visit some art galleries to help my creative side flourish once again.Being home-schooled it can be hard to find good inspiration, especially with no peers to help you. The internet can be helpful at times but art definitely needs to be seen in person to be appreciated fully. Little, local galleries are brilliant places to view a variety of wonderful talent; as soon as you walk in the door you are overcome by a splendid array of artefacts, bursting with bright colours and lovely features. Whilst in one and looking at the paintings, I was really reminded that each artist has a unique style. One particular person simply used splashes on a canvas to create beautiful seascapes and another overlaid a layer of paint on top of a pattern and scraped areas off to create a funky image. I particularly like the technique of the paintings on the top left and far right of my first photograph; the way the artist/s have painted the scenery in a fun and almost immature way yet preserved familiar concepts is genius and really stands out to me. The talent of artists in general is truly amazing and the way individual people interpret the media and make it into a work of art is really interesting and definitely got me thinking. I haven't found my particular style yet, but I realise that is something that takes time. Seeing the artwork has definitely helped me become enthusiastic about doing my portfolio, which is exactly what I wanted. I feel quite creative at the moment and have already been experimenting with the materials I have. I do wish now that I had taken more photos to share with you, as I did see some lovely pieces of local art. However, I will be uploading a update post later this month.

Do you find an interest in art?


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Abby x


  1. I never think of myself as an 'arty' sorta person but I suppose I am just not in the traditional paint-picture kind of way! Visiting galleries is always so much fun though. Gorgeous blog <3

    Morgan //

  2. I love art so much and I haven't yet found my own style. My GCSE art sketch books have made me appreciate lots of different mediums and I now love watercolours whereas I used to hate them!

    Sophie xx // One Unique

  3. I've never been an artistic person but I really love to look at it. Two of my best friends take it and I always ask them to let me look through their art books! I love seeing it all worked and real from the ideas that they tell me about xx