I've never done a post like this before on here but thought it would be a bit of fun to write. I was nominated for this by Sophie over at One Unique. For this award you have to write 7 interesting facts about yourself, that your followers hopefully don't know.

#1 I've never broken a bone.

I'm one of the clumsiest people you'll meet but I've never had any serious accidents that I've needed to go to hospital for, like breaking a bone. Probably broken a lot of house hold items though...

#2 I used to be scared of Santa

Whilst all the other children jumped at the chance to go meet Father Christmas at the grotto, I was running the other way screaming. Yep, when I was younger, santa scared me, a lot. No idea why; I was an unusual child and obviously very afraid of strangers.

#3 I was named by my sisters.

My sisters were allowed to name me and to be honest I never really liked my name until recently, now I think it rather suits me.

#4 I love cycling.

Never been a sporty girl (I was rather a weak child who stayed at the back of games, hoping no one would notice) but recently I have got into road/race cycling and even got a new road bike.

#5 I collect socks.

Okay, most people have socks, because that is just a thing you own. However, I have a bit of an obsession with them. I love all the different colours and patterns, they're just so cute. They mostly have animals or Unicorns on, I just can't resist. Most of my friends know me by my socks! Waiting for that day when I'm on one of those television programs about people who hoard things.

#6 I lived in Scotland for 7 years.

It was really fun and I spent most of my childhood there, so I have many great memories of it.
7 years is a long time and I made many friends whilst living there (Hi, if you read this blog! Not sure if you remember me but I was the weird kid who never brushed their hair).

#7 I love olives.

I really like the more unusual foods that most people don't like, such as olives, pickled onions and aubergines. I'm not a fussy eater and love all types of vegetables.


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Abby x


  1. I've never broken a bone either, which sort of surprises me, to be honest!! I'm very glad though - not sure how well I'd cope! I also love olives, like you. Mm they're so good! This post was lots of fun for read, Abby. And thanks for the tag by the way ��

    1. So glad to find someone else who likes them! They are amazing, haha! No problem.

      Abby x

  2. I've never broken a bone either, famous last words no doubt! I loved learning a bit about you Abby x

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. Haha, I know right, I am always doing silly things. One day I know something will end in disaster.

      Abby x

  3. I love this! I used to be afraid of Santa too, my mum has photos from Santas Grotto where I'm crying, as I didn't like it, so you aren't on your own with that one! I love this post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post. So happy I'm not alone, haha!

      Abby x

  4. I've also never broken a bone, great post! K x

  5. I'm the clumsiest girl alive but all of my bones are good! I've dislocated a lot of ligaments though! Thanks for tagging me, I should be putting this up soon x