The leaves are slowly turning to a crisp, hats and scarves are itching to come out of the cupboard; it's officially Autumn. Autumn is brilliant, the trees are glowing, people are smiling and hot drinks are brewing. With all the excitement from this glorious transition we almost forget about something; the gradual approach of Christmas. The countdown to Christmas softly creeps up on us and before you know it, you're in a mad rush, dashing round every high street store hoping to find those last-minute stocking fillers. Finding Christmas presents is an almost impossible task, even finding gifts for well-known family at this time can prove difficult.
I always want to get something original and thoughtful for friends and family at yuletide but get stuck somewhere between making a bad DIY and buying a gift from the £ store. It's not always finding Christmas gifts that turns into a chore, Birthday gifts can also be a prominent problem. are a site bursting with gadgets, artwork and handmade jewellery to interest everyone. Some of their gifts are particularly practical and cleverly designed, whereas others are pure fun and novelty. Something to really appreciate about this company is their policies; they have a great interest in sustainability and treating workers fairly. The site consists of lots of independent and individual sellers producing handmade goods. All products have a little bio about the seller and each item has a description about where it comes from, which I deeply respect. If you are struggling to find the right present for a friend a visit to their site is sure to result in satisfaction.

Some of the most difficult people to buy presents for are Teens. Being one myself, I know that getting a gift, either aimed to young or old for you is often a common situation. Room decorations, phone accessories and DIY kits are always a good choice for young people. Uncommongoods stock gorgeous handmade room decor and wonderfully crafted accessories for your phone, along with plenty of creative packages. See gifts for teens on this page.

Weddings and anniversaries are particularly difficult occasions to buy for. A personalised gift would be perfect for these special occasions. You can add dates, names and places to personalised gifts; perfect for them to keep as memorabilia. Find wonderfully handcrafted personalised gifts here.

If you're simply searching for small gifts to fill a Birthday gift bag or Christmas stocking, fun quirky gifts are ideal. Get something novelty with a hint of a personal interest. Buy a gift to make the recipient smile whether it be a mug or a pair of animal earrings. To find Stocking Stuffer gifts visit this page.

What are your tips for buying presents? Comment below!

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  1. Really enjoyed this post Abby! Go girl! Xo

  2. Lovely post, this is such a fab store x

    Sophie xx // One Unique

  3. I loved this post! I am literally the worst person at buying gifts, my friends always appreciate my terrible presents though! xox

  4. This sounds like a great app that is really useful!

    1. It sure is, I've already found lots of gifts for my family members!

      Abby x

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