Hey pals! A while ago I asked some of you for some q and a questions and I got quite a few. This is going to be a very casual post and I'm basically writing down my answers as I think them. Thanks a lot to all the people who commented and I hope you enjoy this post. Sorry if your question wasn't included, I did read them all and just chose certain ones.

Cats or Dogs?

Cats. Dogs are quite cute and nice to look at but I really don't like it when they jump up, lick you and are generally just too excitable. Anyone with me ?

Books, Movies or Television?

I'd probably go with Movies or TV shows because I'm generally more of a picture person. However, TV shows can drag on for a long time so I'd say Movies. Mainly because at least once movies end, they actually end and you don't have to spend all your days worrying if your favourite character is going to make it through the next episode. 

Favourite subject/thing about Homeschool?

This is quite a hard one, just because I love so many things about homeschooling. My favourite subject is probably Maths or History and my all together favourite thing would have to be the freedom I get from not going to school. I love being out of the system and doing things at my free will.

Instagram or Snapchat?

Definitely Instagram. I love looking at all the photographs people share and it's a great way to see different peoples interpretations of the world through pictures. Everyone on Snapchat just sends me random "Streaks" messages so I don't really like it. Like, please only send a message if you actually want to talk to me. 

Favourite Food?

My favourite food is pasta, especially with pesto sauce.

Do You Have Any Pets?

Yes I do have a pet. He is a family cat named Tibby. Here is a picture of him:

Do You Play Any Musical Instruments?

I've played the Flute since I was about 9 and I would love to take up something else like the Clarinet or Saxophone. 

Cookies or Brownies?

Hard decision! I really love gooey brownies though, and not like those ones that are basically chocolate cake without icing, it should be illegal to call them brownies... 

Current Favourite TV Show?

Once Upon a Time. It's about fairytale characters in the modern world, hard to explain but it's really good and quite easy to watch. I also do love a bit of good ol' Dance Moms. Head over to Netflix if you want to give either a watch :)

Are You an Introvert or a Extrovert?

I've never really been sure on the answer to this question. It depends on the situation for me and how I'm feeling. I just did a Buzzfeed quiz and apparently I'm Ambivert, a mixture of the both, so I was right!

Beach or Mountains?


Dream Travel Destination?

I really want to go to New York and Paris. 

If You Could Go Back to One Moment in Your Life, When Would it be and Why?

I would go back to any time when I felt so happy I could burst. One of my choices would be my holiday in Jersey this year. If you meant by age, then I would probably choose 14 because I could do more independent activities and had less educational stress but then you're still a child. How exciting is it that I have lots more ages to try out though?

Plans for the Future?

I ask myself this all the time! I'm not really sure what I want to do, although I'd like to do something creative along the design path. I'm doing a blog post on this soon so keep an eye out!

Favourite Season and Why?

I love Autumn/fall because all the colours are pretty and everyone seems in a good food, the fashion is nice too. What I love most is when there is a chill in the air and you can stay indoors, with a book, blanket and cup of cocoa..

Favourite Trait of Yourself?

I like that I can be funny and how I make a situation fun even when it starts getting stressful or tense, even if other people don't like that! For fun I asked my friends what they thought my traits were and they said: Kind, Funny, loyal.

Thank you for reading! I hope you learned some more about me. Would you have the same answers as me? Make sure to comment down below and check out my social medias.

Abby x


  1. Great post! I used to play the flute, I can also play the piano, guitar, ukealele and a couple of other instruments. Brownies are my weakness, especially gooey ones! 😍

    Sophie xx // www.oneunique.co.uk

  2. I really enjoyed this post! We have quite a few similarities, the first being the dog thing, yes, they can be cute (especially puppies) but I'm terrfied of dogs and them jumping, licking and barking are why I'm terrified! Also, I love Once Upon a Time! I'm super nervous for the new season starting (today I think!) because there are so many changes.

    -Em xo