It seems so long since I was relaxing on a lovely beach with sun beaming down on my fresh face and my salty hair drying in the cool breeze. I wish I could go back on holiday right now, sadly a few things are currently stopping me from doing just that. 
However, I can still write about my lovely experiences and reminisce lovely memories, such as the great fashion choices I had whilst there! ;)
This is my third post in my Holiday OOTD series, if you haven't get seen my others Go here! 
Here is my 3rd Summer Outfit from my holiday. It is so simple but I love it and I wear it a lot just around the house on normal days. Whilst I was on holiday I wore it to the beach because it's so comfortable and I could wear my swimwear under it. I love this tee, I actually got it for a few quid from a souvenir shop on the island because I wanted a random t-shirt to wear whilst on the beach and in the sea to prevent me burning up like a crispy chip. Ironically, I now really like it and wear it loads. The shorts I am wearing are very versatile and help make up a lot of my other outfits, I do kind of wish I had bought them in black as they could be paired with many more things, however, lighter fabrics compliment my skin tone more so I think grey was a sensible choice. The beach that these pictures were taken at was gorgeous as well, the sand was glowing gold and the sea was a perfect tropical turquoise.

Top - Souvenir Store
Shorts - H&M
Sunglasses - New Look


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Abby x

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  1. I love the top, I like the knot you've done with it! I need some like that for my chill days at college. A lot of the time the spontaneous buys are the best.

    Sophie xx //