Hello Lovelies! Summer is coming to a close, but I still have a few summer posts left before the end. This is my fifth post in this series, if you haven't seen the other posts in this OOTD series you can check them out here: 

This is one of my final outfits of my holiday, and I wore it on the day we visited the zoo, which was the coolest day of the whole holiday. It definitely was a good choice and may I say how well I think the natural background matches it!

This was very comfortable to walk around in as it wasn't too hot, too cold or tight-fitting.
I absolutely love this dress; burgundy is such a lovely colour and can be wore in any season. I love how t-shirt dresses look and how they can be styled in so many different ways, dressed up or down. The green jacket really compliments the colour and is a great accessory.
I think that a denim jacket would also look great over this dress.

Jacket - Hand-me-down (originally from M&Co).
Dress - H&M

My favourite part of this outfit is my black choker. It is such a simple and pretty design, you can't help but love it! It really adds to the outfit and is a great accessory over all. I think it completes the whole look of this outfit and many others; I also like to wear it with plain t-shirts.

Choker - New Look

My shoes (second picture) are getting quite old now but I couldn't help but wear them as I thought they looked so fitting with this outfit. The design on them is a cute, large floral pattern. I've had these shoes a number of years and they are only just starting to wear; Cath Kidston shoes are remarkably good quality for the price and I would highly recommend them. I always get such lovely complements when I wear these

Shoes - Cath Kidston (similar here: Trailing Rose Quilted Hightop Plimsolls)

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Abby x


  1. I love this jacket! The burgundy and khaki go lovely together!

    Sophie xx // One Unique

  2. I didn't realise that you could get Cath Kidston shoes! They're so cute xox

    1. I didn't until my sister worked there. They are gorgeous!

  3. I love the burgundy dress so much, I need it! ❤️ Great post!