As you might know by now, in June I went on a family holiday to the gorgeous channel island, Jersey. It's a slightly more unusual holiday destination and I wasn't quite sure about going at first but it actually had quite a continental feeling to it, especially in the town and the beaches. I had such an amazing time I thought that I should share it with you and give some advice to anyone else thinking of going there. I may not be a travel expert but I definitely noticed things which would have being nice to know before going. I also thought it would be good for anyone who, like me, is younger going to Jersey. Here's what I did and what to expect:

As you can tell, my sister was wearing much more suitable trousers.
The first part of going on holiday is, of course, the travelling. To get to Jersey you have to take a short plane journey which lasts about 1 and 1/2 hours. We didn't have to get a very early flight which was good, especially for me as I am not a morning person!
Flying is a new experience for me so I wasn't used to the whole atmosphere of an airport. I was a bit of an idiot really because I decided to wear a baggy sweatshirt which didn't help me when going through security. I quite enjoyed the airport though! Boarding the was quite fun and although I didn't like take off or landing very much, I was okay flying. The plane was mainly full of old people and I was definitely one of the youngest people on board. We were there very quickly because the weather was good.

When we got to Jersey it was absolutely scorching and I was definitely not wearing the right clothes; my skinnies were stuck to my legs like clingfilm and the sweatshirt was storing a lot of heat. As soon as I got to the holiday cottage I changed into something cooler, I cannot explain the relief!
After a little rest we decided to go the beach to cool off. 

Most of the holiday was centred around visiting the beach, we got to see some gorgeous sights. My favourite beach was called Plemont bay. In all my life I've never seen such stunning scenery. The water was a blissful, beautiful blue. The cliffs were rugged with a blanket of soft grass. Photos cannot truly capture any of it's natural beauty. Lots of people were enjoying themselves in the water. However, it could be dangerous for children as there were a few rocks to look out for and the sea was quite violent. Although there was a life-guard present making it safer. I would definitely recommend this beach to anyone visiting Jersey, it's a must see.

There are loads of different beaches along the coast of Jersey. All of them look very different and are unique. Sadly, we couldn't visit them all in a week, but I would've loved to. On the second day it was one of the hottest days I've ever experienced. We definitely were not prepared. Even with the overly generous applications of sun cream, my sister and I still got dreadfully burnt. We were so busy swimming and taking pictures that we didn't think about the burning rays of the sun, cooking us alive. At least the photos turned out good.

One thing I didn't realise before I went was how small the island actually is. It is (according to a travel guide we used whilst there) only 14 miles across. Despite it's size, it is actually very easy to get lost. This is mainly due to the narrow, country roads which possess most of the island. At one point we drove round in a circle and were very disorientated. I would definitely say to keep a local map handy and look out for the street names. Talking of which, something I found really interesting is that all the street names and a great number of places were French. It has a lot of French influence in general because it is so close to France.

We spent some of the time exploring the town. There are lots of lovely independent shops has well as the usual high street stores. We found dozens of souvenir and trinkets shops stocking great items to take home and give as presents. Something annoying is that everything on the island is on the pricey side. This is due to importation costs which understandable. Some shops are a lot cheaper than others but there isn't a lot of options, if going again I would just have to bear that in mind, as there isn't anything to do about it.

In terms of visitor attractions, there are lots to choose from. War memorials and ruins are scattered throughout the island and so are several museums to accompany them. We went to the Channel Islands Military Museum which was inside an old bunker. Quite a small building but crammed full of old memorabilia and worth a visit. It was a spine-chilling experience to see all the old collections. There is also a interactive War Tunnels which looked really fun, but we didn't go as it took a several hours which was inconsistent with our plans.

We dedicated one day to visiting Jersey Zoo. A main attraction on the Island, the zoo hosts a number of wild animals from across the globe. A personal favourite was the Andean Bear but my sister was drawn to the Gorillas. They were so playful and relaxed it almost made me envious. It was nice to see them as Gorillas are not present in any zoo I have visited. Out of all the attractions I would say the zoo is a definite must-see. It is brilliant value for money and I got to see a lot of species I have never met before.

One evening we waited on the beach til the sun set because apparently Jersey sunsets are beautiful. We waited for ages to see it but just as it was getting spectacular, the sun decided to hide behind a cloud. It was a shame but still a spectacular experience.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt something different things about Jersey. Have you ever been, or want to go? Comment down below! 

Abby x


  1. I really enjoyed this post: I feel like I've learnt so much! I'd heard of Jersey before, but it's never really registered with me! Now I'd definitely consider going there xox

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. I'm quite surprised by how many people were confused as to where I was going and many asked if it was in America! You're one of the first people who hasn't. As I said, I would really recommend it.


  2. Great write-up of your holiday and those photographs are simply stunning! Glad you had a great time xxx

  3. Really like this post! I was thinking about the Channel Islands as a travel destination, but didn't know anything about them...your Post was quiet helpfull.:)

  4. Really like this post! I was thinking about the Channel Islands as a travel destination, but didn't know anything about them...your Post was quiet helpfull.:)