This is the second in my series of Holiday outfits, if you haven't seen my first one you can find it here; Holiday OOTD #1.
As I explained there, I went for a week's holiday with my family to the lovely channel island, Jersey, where I wore these outfits.
This one of my favourite outfits from the whole trip. Although it's such a simple pairing, I really like how it looks and I think the blue of the jumpsuit contrasts nicely with the pink tee. The day I wore this we went shopping in the town, where it was absolutely boiling, I was basically a pool on the ground by the end of the day. I'm so glad I wore this outfit because it was cool but covered my shoulders so my pale skin didn't get burnt. The tee is in my absolute favourite colour, dusty pink, I wear it with a lot of different clothes and it's so comfortable and soft. I've had the playsuit for over a year and I love it but sadly haven't worn it a lot, mostly because the weather in England isn't always up for summer clothes. I will definitely be wearing this again throughout summer.

Playsuit - New Look
Pink tee - H&M
Shoes - Toms
Sunglasses - New Look

Let me know down below if you want to see more fashion posts.

Abby x

***this post is not sponsored, I bought these clothes myself***


  1. Absolutely looooove this outfit!

    Love Somachi xx

  2. This is such a cute outfit that you put together! I hope you had a good time on holiday

    Sophia xo //