Buttons and Caps - HOLIDAY OOTD #1

I'm back! All my exams finished about 2 weeks ago so I have lots more time to write and post on my blog. I'm really excited because I have lots of new posts planned and am hoping to upload at least 3x a week from now on. I haven't sorted a schedule but I'm working on the best days. If you could vote on my poll about which days I should post, that would help me lots, you can find it in the side bar on the right.

After my last exam my family went for a week's holiday to the beautiful channel island, Jersey. It is a gorgeous place and the weather was perfectly sunny whilst we were there so I had lots of opportunity to wear summery clothes. I will be uploading posts for each outfit I wore whilst there. 

This is what I wore after getting off the plane. We went to the beach almost as soon as we arrived so I changed into this simple outfit with my bikini. I really like this outfit because it is easy to put back on after a nice refreshing swim in the sea and both the skirt and top are very versatile. 
Also, my skin as pale as anything in these pictures because I'd been stuck in an exam hall for 3 weeks and none of my skin had a chance to catch sunny rays. I generally have a very pale complexion anyway so that doesn't help. Anyway, why am I talking about my skin? 
I paired my simple top and skirt with a cute baseball cap and sunglasses. 
I think my shoes also add to my outfit because they add a bit of fun colour, they are really comfortable and again, easy to slip on. 

Top - H&M
Skirt - Benetton
Hat - H&M
Shoes - Toms
Sunglasses - New Look

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing with my face in the bottom two pictures, that's just typical Abby showing.

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Abby x


  1. You look lovely! I love your skirt 😍

  2. In wish I looked as good as you in hats! You look really happy in those last two; it's so good! xox