Testing Washi Tape DIYs

Hey Pals!
I'm doing something a bit different today; I looked on Pinterest and realised there are so many lovely crafts and diys that you can do with Washi Tape. Having recently acquired several rolls of this gorgeous tape I thought this was a perfect idea to try out.

This post is actually a collab with my blogger friend, Amelie. Her blog is: ameliebarham.com/, it's so cute. She has a really cute blog and is currently doing a week full of collabs which you should check out.

DIY #1 ; Mini Feathers

My first DIY test is these adorable mini feathers. They are so sweet and would look gorgeous as little room decorations.

What you need:

-Washi tape
-Cocktail stick/toothpick

All you need to do to make these is apply two layers of Washi Tape to each side, sticky sides facing, then cut the tape into a feather shape. Finish by sniping small cuts all the way up to add detail.

DIY #2 ; Paperclip Flags.

Another super lovely craft. I really like stationary, anyway to make it better is a bonus. This diy is
also very simple and adds a little something more to your ordinary clips.

What you need:

-Washi Tape

To make these you wrap tape around the vertical edge of the clip and cut it into a flag shape.

DIY #3 ; Perfect Eyeliner.

I've seen this diy so many times but didn't ever bother to try it out, simply because I thought it wouldn't work. The results were amazing though, would definitely try again!

What you need:

-Washi tape

You just stick the tape where you want your eyeliner flick to be and apply your eyeliner, simple as.

Here's me looking cool with my tape on my eye.


Thank you so much for reading!
I hope you liked this post and let me know if you want to see more like this. Make sure to check out Amelie's blog as well.

Abby x


  1. These all seemed to work quite well! I can't believe those feathers are just washi tape, so pretty! Had fun collabing!! xx

  2. Same, I know right. They are lovely I will definitely be making more x

  3. These are great hacks! I don't actually own ANY washi tape but after reading this post it has made me think that I should definitely pick some up when I next go to my local craft shop. I love the feathers one!!

    - www.whatlexieloves.blogspot.com

  4. Your blog is so dreamy and darling, I love it! Such cute crafts and following you on GFC! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)