Hey pals! I haven't posted in so long 😞 I'm hoping to get some posts written up so that I can upload them when I want to rather than rushing and producing bad content.

This post was meant for about 2 weeks ago but with Easter and everything I decided to spend time with my family instead of posting. So when I say this 'week' I literally mean ages ago but nevermind about that...
This is going to be a new type of post I'm doing because I realised that I hardly post about my homeschool life, even though it is one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place.
So as my no.1 'lets ask Abby 10 trillion questions about her schooling because she clearly doesn't do enough work all week' enquiries is 'What do you get up to?', I thought it was fitting to make this a thing and possibly help some of you out on the way. I obviously do more than shown here in total but these are a few main topics I've been covering this week for each subject.
I'm currently studying for my GCSEs if you didn't know, so my work is mostly revision at the moment. But I'm actually kind of enjoying it.


For my Maths I looked over Interior Angles. I don't remember when I last learnt this but I found my knowledge was lacking and decided to revise it. My favourite way to revise is note-cards; I find these so useful. I wrote the equation, (n-2)x180, on one of these so I could remember it.


For English I studied one of my anthology pieces; 'A Hero' by R.K. Narayan. This is a really interesting piece of literature, I really enjoyed analysing it. It is about an Indian boy named Swami and is from a collection of works by R.K Narayan, where he explores Swami's life. It has a key theme of humour which I love because I often find English pieces to be very dreary and sad. Another great thing about this extract is that there is also connotations of maybe a much wider theme such as India itself and the country becoming independent - this could link to Swami growing older.
I love analysing literature. I like to take notes by highlighting and writing along the side of the written piece. After studying the writing I answered an exam question on it.


For my physics I revised the different types of radiation; Alpha, Beta and Gamma. These can easily be confused as to what they are made up of.
Here's a possible way to remember them:

Alpha - two protons and two neutrons, same as a Helium nucleus.
Beta - an electron from the nucleus.
Gamma - electromagnetic waves, the 'mm' look like waves.

I also did about Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion - another pair easily mistaken for one another.
Fission is the process of splitting a nucleus, fushion is two nuclei joining together to make a larger nucleus. Fusion occurs in nature such as stars like the sun. Fission does not usually occur in nature.
A strange way I found to remembering this is:

Fission - 'fiss' is like 'fizz'. Fizzing is like something splitting.
Fusion - 'fuses' things together to make bigger.


Chemistry was very enjoyable this week as I was able to do an experiment.

The experiment we did was a test for sulphate ions using Copper Sulphate, CuSO4. If sulphate ions are present it will form a white precipitate.

First of all, we made CuSO4 solution by dissolving crystals in water.
Then we added Hydrochloric acid, HCl, to the solution. Followed by Barium Chloride, BaCl2.
A precipitate did form. We filtered it using filter paper and a funnel, it was then left to dry in a dish in the window.

This is the precipitate. Sadly, I didn't take a picture until it was quite old and the paper has started to curl.
I hope this maybe helped you or you just enjoyed reading it.

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Abby x

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