Easter 2017

We made some classically British Easter nests from Cornflakes and chocolate, which ended out rather well, I must say.

Hey pals!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I love Easter and everything that it stands for, this year I had an even more enjoyable time as my family decided to go away to Herefordshire for the spring holiday.
This opportunity meant plenty of places to visit which, as always with myself, is accompanied by photographs. So, once again, I will be sharing with you my photos of Eastery things and things that I did on Easter Sunday. Enjoy!

Our first mission for the day was our family tradition of egg painting; this year we went for a Disney theme. I painted Belle and my sister drew Patch the dalmatian on hers. Sadly, I didn't get photos of my parents but they did Kristoff and Rabbit.

Then it was time for the adventures to begin. We walked to some Arches after lunch which resulted in many things, mainly enjoying the use of a new gadget to us; the selfie stick.

 I found this cute little Easter scene in a church we visited.

The next stop was to a small village for a little walk.

Lastly I just wanted to show this picture of my sisters shoes because I thought this could be a new fashion statement and I loved it! Follow her here; @rosycreates

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Abby x

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