What I Got for my 16th Birthday!

Hey it's Abby! As you probably know from my last post, I had my 16th birthday recently (this post is really behind but I'm trying to blog more frequently now). Birthdays always come with treats and surprises, or at least they should do. My family and friends seem to have grasped a firm idea of what I like and are always overly generous, when it comes to my special day. I am more then grateful for all my lovely presents and hope that everyone is as lucky as me when it's there birthday. ❤☺


My friend got me these super nice Hotel Chocolat chocolates which are absolutely gorgeous, the packaging is sweet as well.


I got two lovely notebooks, one from my sister with cute acorns and rose gold details. The other from my friend which is London print Cath kidson. I think they are both exquisite and I want to use one as a bullet journal and another as a possible blogging planner because, as you know I get awfully behind with my blogposts.


I've been wanted some of these gel varnishes for a while. They're great because they last longer than normal nail polish but don't have to be put in a drying machine. I got two pretty colors; Romantic and Seduce, as well as a clear top coat to accompany them.


I got three makeup bags in total. One is rose gold holo which is beautiful and I'm going to use it as my main makeup storage. Another is mint green, grey and white with a cute little Minnie and a purple 'M', I'll probably store creams and oddities like that in this one. The last one is more of a wash bag, it has a groovy cat on it and it's completely plastic and water proof inside which is so handy for going away.


I've been wanting a nice nude lipstick for a little while and when my sister bought me one in the perfect colour I was so happy.  It's a Loreal one in the colour Moka chic.


I love socks; these ones are so sweet with little kitties on. Funny story: my mum actually has these but silly sister didn't realise and bought me them, so yeah I have matching socks with my mum because I'm that cool.


This is a delightful screen cleaner, I already have a full size duck one but this is small and has a keyring on it, so you can whip it out and polish your screen when you're out 'n about and have nothing better to do.


I got two nice chokers; green ribbon and leather-like pink.


This present is quite special to me. My oldest sister gave and it has an 'A' engraved on the rose gold star.


I absolutely this watch that I got - it's so me and I wear it everyday :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I didn't managed to photograph everything I got like a lamp, pens and a big craft box. I might show them in future posts though so stay updated!

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Abby x


  1. Such pretty things. Whenever I get some pretty notebooks I feel bad for writing in them with my bad handwriting :')

    Tea | moonshinefaerie

  2. Your blog is absolutely gorgeous, I'm glad I found it!! Please check out my latest blog post too!! xo