Sleek I-Divine Storm Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey, it's Abby! Yes, this was Friday's post but I never published it but better late than never ;)
Today I'm going to be reviewing my Sleek I-Divine eyeshaow pallette. I got the 'Storm' palette for Christmas and I absolutely love it. The colours are very versatile and you can choose many different looks from the varied pigments.


The metallics in this palette are very pretty, they all have very cute names about storms as well. :)

Sand Storm

This pigment is a very warm gold, I like to wear it as part of my everyday makeup sometimes. It adds a nice sparkly hint to your eyes.

Snow Storm

Although this colour is very pale, it's so cute and is good for blending with other complimenting colours.

Thunder Storm

Another nice gold, however I don't like it as much at Sand Storm. Also good for blending though.

Perfect Storm

This is definitely my favourite eye shadow in the whole palette, it really lives up to it's name! 😂

Fire Storm

I don't use these darker colours as much but Fire Storm is a very pretty sparkle and ideal for special occasions.

Dust Storm

Again, I haven't used this much as it dark and I tend to go for the lighter shades. But could be used in your eyelid crease or for the outer edge (I hope I got those names right as I don't know hardly anything about make-up terms!).

Gathering Storm

Not my favourite colour out of the pallette and probably wouldn't wear it a lot, it also seems to lack sparkle compared to the others. This might just be how I applied it though?

Storm Cloud

I'm a bit disappointed with this one as it looks green in the palette but when you put it on it is more grey-looking. It might look green with a bit of building-up, it also appears to not have much sparkle.

Electric Storm

A very pretty blue, great to pair with Fire Storm for sophisticated look.

I would really recommend this product as it is good value and great if you are just starting to wear eye shadow as there is a great range of colours with metallics and mattes.

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