My Everyday Make-up!

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This post is a very exciting collab with a blogging friend; Angel. Her blog is so cute and lovely, I love it. She is also doing a post on her everyday make-up which will be up soon. Make sure to check her blog out:
Enjoy this post, I hope my face isn't too scary for you!


I don't often use concealer, in fact on most days I just use mascara and do my brows, however this post wouldn't be very exciting if it was two products!
So this is slightly more then normal, which I usually wear on weekends.
The concealer I have is Revolution; Focus and Fix. I apply it under my eyes to cover the dark circles and blend it with a small, soft brush.
 It's actually quite a good match to my skin tone which is quite impressive as my face is fearfully pale and makeup products are hard to find that actually is the right shade. Although it isn't extremely good quality but gives a good glow which is really all I want it to do.

 (Yes, I look like I'm about to cry, but don't mind that.)


Next thing I do is apply powder. I am using the Rimmel Stay Matte Power, I think most people use this and I can see why, it gives great coverage without looking cakey.

Here's a silly picture of me applying it, but hey, the internet needs a few more casual, fun photos.

 Yay, nice and smooth.


The next product is my Rimmel eyebrow pencil. Eyebrows are probably my favourite part of makeup and this pencil is so easy to use, not to mention how perfect the colour
is for my fair brows and complexion.

That eye brow looks a bit dodge😶


My next step is eyeshadow. I use my Sleek Divine Storm palette, which I've actually reviewed on here if you want to see that here is a link;. I mostly go for a brown/gold look and sometimes use pinks. The best technique I've found for me is to apply the base shimmer colour to my lid with a stiff brush (the pink one pictured) and then blend a matte into my crease with a softer brush (black ones pictured). Some days I'll wear eyeliner instead but I generally go for eyeshadow.


My 'finishing product' is mascara; the mascara I use is a simple Natural collection one. It was quite cheap and therefore not brilliant quality but it kind of gives a more natural look to your lashes which I sometimes prefer.


My final application is my lips, I tend to wear Babylips and my go-to favourite is Melon Mania, which gives a subtle pink look and moisturises my lips throughout the day.


Here is my finished look:

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Abby x


  1. haha love the photos of you applying it! That baby lips looks like such a pretty colour too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

    1. Thank you 😘 It's nice, not quite as pink as it looks though... x

  2. I know that this photo is about your makeup, but your hair is gorgeous! Like, honestly, I am in awe.

    I might have to take some tips from your routine, mine is looking a little bare haha.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Rachel |

    1. Thank you so much! I don't like to use many products on my hair so maybe that's the secret?...

      Abby x