Hey, it's Abby! Sorry I didn't post on Friday but my laptop lead broke so I couldn't charge it!
Today, I'm going to show you some of my essential items I use everyday for my homeschooling.
I haven't included everything like pencils, erasers etc. these are just some of my favourites.
Just to say, this post isn't sponsored in anyway I just like some of these brands.
lets get started...

I find fine-liners very useful for writing titles and adding details. They can also be used for drawing and making diagrams. The ones I have are from WH smiths, I got a pack of 24 for under £10 I think, I can't remember the exact price, they are a fantastic selection of colours, however some of them have run out of ink and split already, this is maybe just because I use them a lot.


One thing I use a lot in my schoolwork is highlighters, they come in very handy for highlighting key words as is obvious I guess. These particular ones are quite quirky and novelty, I got them from Poundland and for £1 they are very good quality; the colours show up fantastic.


I haven't has a tablet up until very recently when my sister was kind enough to give me her old one. It may be slow but it does the job 😂  I find it perfect for researching topics when my text books just aren't enough. I guess it is useful in many different ways!

I love paperclips because I can use them to grip guidelines to plain paper or just to organise revision cards. These ones are super cute coloured ones. I think they're sold in most stationary stores.


For my schoolwork I find drawing diagrams and pictures very helpful for revision. Gluesticks are perfect for sticking these in my files and notebooks. I wouldn't recommend these particular ones from Poundland as they give off a bath smell as soon as you take off the lid. However I did think this could be something to do with getting addicted to them.


I know that everyone uses sharpeners but I just wanted to talk about this one that I bought. In the whole 15 years of my life I have never been able to find a good sharpener, until I discovered this Milan Capsule Sharpener. It really does a great job at sharpening my pencils and I would defiantly buy another. It originally came with a nice little rubber on the top, however I have since used that. It's a only a few £s and you can find it here: Milan Capsule Sharpener.


I love these Papermate pens; they flow very smoothly whilst writing and are comfortable to hold, you can find them here:
Papermate Pens


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