How To Make a Tumblr Pen Holder

Hey, it's Abby! (I am still experiencing problems with my laptop which meant I couldn't post last week. I also did not have any good content and wanted to make sure all my posts are up to scratch.)
Recently I've being, rather slowly, re decorating my room, which means that my old decorations and bits & pieces are starting to look out-of-place. As you know I would rather revitalise something than throw out and buy new which is why I have come up with this DIY to up-cycle an old box or container. It would also look cute with make-up brushes. 
My orginal container was a floral pen holder from Paperchase, I decided to use pastel colours so it would fit in more.

What You will need:

1. Stick your first piece of washi tape around the top of your box or container; cut it off when the two ends meet.

2. Now repeat with your second piece of tape, I used three different colours but you can experiment with patterns and colours.

3. Continue adding your tape until you have reached the end of your object.

4. Fill and enjoy!


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Abby x

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