10 Fun Facts about me!

Hey, It's Abby!
This Wednesday's post is just a few simple facts about me; I hope you enjoy and learn some more about me!

1. I've never been to real school.

2. I have been a strict vegetarian for a number of years now and recently gave up fish as well.

3. I've been dancing since I was 7.

4. I have two much older sisters. You can follow them here: @rosycreates and here; @bizzylizzymcc

5. I have never been on an airplane.

6. My favourite colours are pastel pink and copper.

7. I love action and thriller movies, especially Marvel.

8. My family own a cat named Tibby.

9. My pet peeve is people licking their fingers and pretty much anything that is unhygienic.

10. I really don't like travelling long distances.


Thank you so much for reading!

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