New year, new start.

Hello everyone. I realize it has come to that time again when we start packing away all of our Christmas decorations. The singing reindeer, that everyone got sick of hearing with their cliche Christmas songs, are placed back in their boxes and one by one the ornaments are taken off the tree. Outdoors become dull as lights are lifted down from trees and fences. Everything feels bland and everyone returns to normal.
When it comes to this I get dragged along with everyone else into this looming cloud of 'boringness'. Maybe you also have this problem.

2016 is being regarded as a rather bad year, yet for me it was full of adventures and new explorations. I met lots of new people and tried lots of new things. I did dance shows, outdoor concerts, cleaning trains and much more. I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for me (and you!).

I have decided to challenge myself this year and actually make resolutions that I'm going to keep. First of which is to stretch as much as possible so I can become more flexible for dance, I have various goals here such as achieving my over-splits, needle and scorpian, I am currently finding these poses rather difficult, but believe with hard work and determination I can eventually reach these ambitions.

Another dedication I want to begin is simply to blog more.
I love blogging and photography so much but I find that I get to busy doing other things that I forget to organize myself and blog posts come either very late or not at all. I am going to try my very best this year to post every Friday and possibly Wednesday as well.
I hope it all works out!

Thank you so much for reading!

Abby x

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