Dance Flexibility Pictures.

Happy Friday everyone. This Friday's post is my first post about dance; as the new year starts I wanted to share some of my flexibility pictures with you. I've been dancing since I was 7 ish but only recently, in the last year or so, have I taken it seriously and decided to stretch and practice more. I have come a long way since I started my devoted practice but I still have a long way to go. 
I was hoping to get pictures of my spilts but it was hard, I'll do another post on them some other time.I'm going to return here later on in the year to show my progress. Let me know if you want more dance posts from now on.


My right-hand side is my best side so I am more flexible on this side.

Needle/leg hold.



I have a lot of work to do on my left side. But I'm getting there.

Needle/leg hold.



Thank you so much for reading! 

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