Babylips Review

Hello everyone!
I'm not one for very bold, out-there make-up, I prefer subtle colours and light hints. One reason for this is probably because I have very fair, pale skin but another is that I simply want my face to look more natural (even if it means I look, like, 12, 😂). This is why I wanted to try baby lips by Maybelline, not only do these lip glosses come with lovely coloured packaging, they also have nice tints to them. I managed to get a good deal in the post-Christmas sales and I got 3 of them for £1.50!
Here is my review of the four that I own, hope that it is maybe useful to you!

Disclaimer: the lighting in the pictures is making the lip colours seem less vibrant.


This is just the original blue baby lips, no tint but moisturizing. When the package said it gave up to 8hrs moisture I didn't believe but now I've tried it I can tell you that it really is true! It has a slight smell but not a very strong one; kind of like vanilla.

Overall rating: 9/10


 I really love the packaging colour of this one, and the scent is absolutely gorgeous! I bought this one separate to the others and I must say I'm disappointed that it hardly adds any colour to my lips. Still super moisturizing though!

Overall rating: 7/10


This one is probably my favourite, it gives a matt-like barbie pink look. It also smells quite good and again, moisturising. It stayed on quite a while although needed a few toppings-up just like your normal lip glosses/sticks. It is exactly what I was looking for! ☺❤

Overall rating: 10/10


This also has a nice cherry scent, although it reminds me of those free mini make-up things you used to get in magazines as a kid!😹 It gives a glossy dark pink look and I really like it, I think it some how complements my face! ☺


Thank you so much for reading!

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