My Christmas Decorations 2016

I know this is getting late now but I thought I'd share my decorations with you. The pictures are mostly self-explanatory however I will talk about a few of the decorations and where they came from etc. The photos are a little out of date but I hope you enjoy them anyway!



Adding candy canes to an empty jar creates simple and effective decor. The fairy lights give a lovely glow.
I made this candle holder myself, simply by writing on a glass cup with a glass pen.
I got this Christmas Cactus in a mug from Sainsbury's. I think it's really cute and a little different to general Christmas decorations!

My friend kindly drew this on my heart chalk board.

 My sister made me this lovely hand-drawn advent calendar which I absolutely love!

 She almost made this Christmas card.


Yes, I own an Frozen bauble 😂

I hope you enjoyed this post! Another one is coming soon❤.

Abby x

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