Christmas Wishlist + Ideas!

Hello everyone! This post was supposed to go up ages ago but I didn't have time to finish it. It's getting closer and closer to Christmas and as the big day draws near you may be starting to worry that you have no idea what gifts to get your friends or relatives. I often have this problem and thought it might help if I wrote up my wish list and some ideas for other people so anyone can take inspiration from it.


  • Dancewear - if you know any dancers we always love dancewear or sportswear. Just make sure you get the right size!
  • Sleek or Naked eye shadow pallette - many girls will appreciate an eyeshadow pallet. Neutral colours are good for everyday however I want a glitter/shimmer one for fun!
  • Wallet - now I am slightly older I would like a grown-up style wallet/purse, afterall it's slightly embarassing to carry a patchwork owl one in your bag!
  • Small bag - I also realised that it would be really handy to have a small bag. I personally like mini backpacks and sacthels. 
  • Babylips - I really like subtle and simple makeup and I think babylips look so cute. 
  • Burts bees light balm or lipstick - Burts bees also ma
  • Perfume - another more grown-up present is perfume. I think any teen would like perfume, it doesn't need to be expensive or designer just a nice smell will be most welcome and goes a long way. I, myself, have never owned a nice bottle of perfume so I'm hoping to get one this year!
  • Lightbox - I think these are really cute room decorations and will go with most bedroom colours/themes. You could personalize it before giving it as a gift or just leave it blank.
  • Nude converse - I think this is a long shot because they are expensive however shoes are also a lovely gift. Once again, make sure the size is right!
  • Bath bombs - although simple, bath bombs are a great present. Just check that whoever you are buying for is not allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Cookie Cutters -may sound strange but cookie cutters would be a great simple present for anyone who loves baking. I've seen some really cute copper ones as well.
  • Socks - the typical Christmas gift that apparently no one wants, however I would actually really appreciate patterned socks, fluffy ones are even better!
  • Phone cases - any cute phone cases would be a lovely gift. You could even make your own personalized one; tutorial coming soon!

  • A DVD - a classic gift but a real winner, you can pick up a lot of films for £5 ($6ish)
  • Craft Kit - I think anyone who has the patience would like a little project to try over the New Year, you can buy kits from about £3 in certain stores.
  • Christmas Decorations - yes, Christmas will be over and decorations will be taken down soon but you can get really good deals on baubles and tree ornaments in the sales. There is nothing quite like opening your decoration box next year and finding your newest ornament to put on the tree!
  • Candle - another generic gift but also is a great idea because you can get 1000s of colours and scents. 

I hope this post gave you some ideas and that you get what you want for you family and friends for Christmas!

Abby x

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