Winter Lookbook!

Hello lovelies! I'm going to start off by saying that I got great feedback on my last Lookbook (thank you for that!), not to mention that I really enjoy making and editing it for you. So it only seems fitting for me to do a new one; this time a winter one. It is a bit different from normal because I have themed it around Christmas which is very exciting because I love Christmas, festive things and such like. I really hope you enjoy reading it, even if it is awfully short. Maybe you can get some inspiration from it as well for the festive season! Make sure you stay updated with my blog so you can see when I upload new Christmas posts. Also I have decided to post every Friday and Wednesday's if possible.
Enjoy (and yes I am standing on a bed because it was the only way to get good photos 👍)



This outfit is very simple but warm and comfortable. Great to wear to a casual Christmas party.

Snowman Jumper/Sweater: Lidl; they sell amazing Christmas jumpers in there and they're not very expensive.
Jeans: I bought them from a type of outlet store so I'm not sure where they orginally came from but I think H&M.
Socks (if you wanted to know!): Dorothy Perkins.


This outfit is also quite casual, it's quite typical me and generally cute with a slight girlyness to it.

'I got here on my Reindeer' T-Shirt: New Look
Skirt: Hand-me-down.
Leggings: New Look.
(no socks this time ;( )


This time I am wearing the same shirt; pairing it with ripped skinnys makes it a great everyday outfit. 
I love this look!

T-Shirt: New Look
Jeans: New Look


I love this jumper it's really cosy, haha! Because of the sparkles on the reindeer noses it puts you in a party mood, therefore another great outfit for Christmas parties!

Jumper/Sweater: Sister gave to me (thanks bae!).
Jeans: Same as the jeans in the first outfit in grey.


Thanks for reading!

Abby x

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