October Favourites.

I'm going to start monthly favorites again! Sorry the pictures aren't brilliant but I hope you enjoy!


Daim Dairy Milk Chocolate

This chocolate is just amazing. I got some this month and really enjoyed it. I defiantly would recommend it if you like daim/toffee and chocolate!

Ryvita Thins
I have had Ryvita thins before, however this month I tried the Sundried Tomato and Herb flavour, they were so good πŸ‘ and go perfectly with salsa!


Autumn Leaves

I have absolutely loved the colours of the trees and their leaves this year. I'm grateful for all the photographs I have been able to take! ☺




Fox Socks

These fox socks are so cute and soft. I got them from New Look and I adore them!

Bad photoπŸ˜‘
Yankee Candle Simply Cinnamon

I love the smell of this, it makes me feel very seasonal. However, I'm not sure what it is because I thought it was a candle at first but it doesn't have a wick in it? At the moment I'm just using it as a thing to make my room smell nice.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤

Stay tuned for more Monthly favourites

Abby x

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